Meaning of fissle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪs(ə)l/


[no object]Scottish, Irish
  • Make a rustling sound.

    ‘straw fissled in the darkness’
    • ‘people who fissle sweet wrappers at the intense moments of a film’
    • ‘There are few things more aggravating on a perfectly quiet hill than the noise of one's own legs, encased in synthetic fibres, fissling like crisp packets.’
    • ‘He heard a fissling noise beneath him and wondered what it was.’
    • ‘The sweet munchers and chatterers were out in force, loudly fissling their way through the evening.’
    • ‘The banner fissled and slapped on the roof.’
    • ‘I heard the almost inaudible fissling that told of visitors round the fire.’
    • ‘The lady to my left is fissling her sandwiches open and munching away noisily.’


Early 18th century imitative of the sound (compare with fizzle).