Meaning of fist fight in English:

fist fight


  • A fight with the fists.

    ‘He reminded me of an argumentative drunk who challenges the whole bar to a fist fight.’
    • ‘The fist fight was only the finale of the on-stage war that had been brewing for the first hour of their set.’
    • ‘The group became involved in a verbal altercation with another group of younger males and a fist fight ensued.’
    • ‘She can fight with a gun but she is worthless in a fist fight.’
    • ‘I don't get in many fights but 3 days for a fist fight isn't right.’
    • ‘Then later the same day the bully was involved in a fist fight over the same issue with another board member, thus giving a whole new meaning to the terminology ‘selection fight’!’
    • ‘For instance, if it was a mistake he'd made delivering a speech, he'd buy a book on public speaking, or in the case of a fist fight, he might consider a book on self-defense.’
    • ‘South Yorkshire Police were called to Lowedges Road, near an entrance to the estate, just before 4pm on Thursday after initial reports suggested there had been a fist fight at a bus stop.’
    • ‘So why, when my family is all together, do we talk about the time my sister and I had a fist fight on the front lawn, or any other moment that will dredge up bad memories?’
    • ‘He wanted to go out in the hall and have a fist fight.’
    • ‘He later told police: ‘I didn't want to hurt him or get involved in a fist fight because he is only a youth and I am an adult.’’
    • ‘He also had convictions for burglary, theft and actual bodily harm, had been in a fist fight in a pub after a funeral, and had hit a victim on the head with a piece of wood during a street fight.’
    • ‘Two commission members had to be separated to prevent a fist fight.’
    • ‘Fans besiege his house daily, while he is regularly accosted by members of the public seeking anything from an autograph to a fist fight.’
    • ‘Then the two groups of party workers got into a fist fight, throwing things at each other, and the police were called in.’
    • ‘Half of those aged between 16 and 24 also claimed to have had a fist fight in the past 12 months.’
    • ‘Have you ever been in a fist fight or a situation where you had to get physically violent with someone else?’
    • ‘The last time he was in a full-on fist fight, he was still at school.’
    • ‘If there's only two of you, all you can do is pull the car over and have a fist fight on the side of the road.’
    • ‘The film appeared to show the naked man being forced to take part in a fist fight.’
    fight, scuffle, fracas, brawl, struggle, tussle, fist fight, fisticuffs, melee, scrimmage, free-for-all, free fight, affray, fray, riot, skirmish, exchange, clash, encounter