Meaning of fit-up in English:



  • 1 informal An instance of incriminating someone by falsifying evidence against them.

    • ‘the team's manager has been the victim of a fan's fit-up’
    • ‘He seems to see the case as a fit-up against ‘shooters' rights ’.’
    • ‘Has cycling's cleanest team been the victim of a drug fit-up?’
    • ‘But the rumours about a fit-up were dismissed, without anybody finding out how they started.’
    • ‘I fail to see how they can justify this, it's a complete fit-up.’
    • ‘All of the above is common public knowledge in Malaysia and it points to a political fit-up aimed at eliminating a political opponent.’
    • ‘He was the first person to tell her about the fit-up rumour.’
    plot, scheme, stratagem, plan, machination, cabal, intrigue, palace intrigue
  • 2 informal, dated A temporary stage or other piece of theatrical equipment.