Meaning of fit like a glove in English:

fit like a glove


  • Be exactly the right size; fit perfectly.

    ‘I tried on the dress and it fitted like a glove’
    • ‘a perfectly tailored suit that fit him like a glove’
    • ‘the job fits her like a glove’
    • ‘My husband was measured for a pair of boots that were delivered to us three days later, fitting him like a glove.’
    • ‘Kat got up and walked over, the black military uniform fitting her like a glove as her brown braid bumped against her back.’
    • ‘His million-dollar suit and shiny black shoes fitted him like a glove.’
    • ‘Of powder blue watered silk, Maria's new dress fitted her like a glove, the tightness of the bodice accentuating her tiny waist and contrasting with the fullness of her skirts.’
    • ‘She looked at herself in the mirror, it fitted her like a glove, and it was not even showing too much cleavage as the other dresses she had tried on.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that this look doesn't suit everyone and that your trousers will need to fit you like a glove.’
    • ‘His pants fit him like a glove, enhancing his rockstar persona.’
    • ‘It fit him like a glove, his broad shoulders appearing even broader, tapering to his gym-honed waist.’
    • ‘Somewhere she had found a tunic and a pair of breeches that fit her like a glove, emphasizing her perfect figure.’
    • ‘The natural elegance with which he wore his tuxedo and the way it fit him like a glove combined to create a stunning image that captivated and called to her.’
    be the correct size, be the right size, be the correct size for, be the right size for, be big enough, be small enough, be big enough for, be small enough for, be the right shape, be the right shape for