Meaning of fit the bill in English:

fit the bill


(also US fill the bill)
  • Be suitable for a particular purpose.

    ‘As a free agent, I had some criteria to meet and this team fitted the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘Organisers were seeking three Prince's Trust-supported businesses to attend the festival alongside national newspapers and picture agencies, and Finesse Imaging fitted the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘Not entirely without surprise, serendipity had its way with me and I stumbled on one of my much-loved poems, by Henry Reed, that fitted the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘This time, he chose another Detroit band named Blanche who fitted the bill perfectly with their pleasant country pop-rock.’
    • ‘The Orchardton Woods site - sold last year by Scottish Enterprise to construction group Taylor Woodrow - fitted the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘He said Hindus had been looking for a temple site for more than 20 years and a spot on the town's main business and administrative artery road fitted the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘Mauritius fitted the bill perfectly then - and it still does.’
    • ‘Sinead Costello fitted the bill perfectly and kindly agreed to accompany me.’
    • ‘For him the job fitted the bill perfectly after he was forced to retire from the fire service’
    • ‘The show never fails to entertain, and the small restaurant/bar perfectly fits the bill for the eclectic mix of musicians that take the stage.’
    • ‘This time I wanted someone a little bit stronger and Darren fits the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘They, or in fact we, are the sorts of people who feel the need to do something compulsively, and blogging fits the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘My carrot, honey and ginger soup fits the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘Mavers fits the bill perfectly: acclaimed as a musical genius, he has not released a record in over a decade.’
    • ‘With only 10 rooms and a cosy bar, with a roaring fire in winter, it fits the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘If horse soldiers in action is your scene, this series fits the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘You will be needing something filling by now and this savoury drink fits the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘Cecil reportedly sees her more of an Oaks-type and tomorrow's race, over nine furlongs, should fit the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘Those with an interest in hill walking will fit the bill perfectly.’
    • ‘To complement a green wall colour, why not try a bottle glass gloss style or for a modern look steel or slate style worktops will fit the bill perfectly.’