Meaning of fit up in English:

fit up

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phrasal verb

  • 1fit someone or something up, fit up someone or somethingProvide someone or something with the necessary equipment, clothes, or other items for a particular situation.

    • ‘the ship's been fitted up for fishing charters and sightseeing trips’
    equip, provide, supply, furnish, rig out, outfit, accoutre, array, stock
  • 2fit someone up, fit up someone informal Incriminate someone by falsifying evidence against them.

    • ‘That was a really pathetic job of fitting someone up.’
    • ‘Thus does the movie have its cake and eat it: the drama and glamour of real mob violence, plus the sentimental suggestion that our Charlie was fitted up.’
    • ‘Your basic complaint is that they fitted you up for something you did not do.’
    • ‘We need people who have the skills to smell out somebody who comes along to try to fit us up.’
    • ‘The confessor's claims that Stuart had been fitted up shook the parochial world of late 1950s Australia, a country just waking up to the notion of civil rights.’
    falsely incriminate, entrap, fabricate charges against, fabricate evidence against