Meaning of fitness consultant in English:

fitness consultant


  • A person who provides expert advice professionally regarding someone's physical fitness and health.

    ‘he is one of professional golf's top fitness consultants’
    • ‘He began training under fitness consultant S.K. Abbas.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old fitness consultant is ranked No 1 in his division in Britain.’
    • ‘Pat is a fitness consultant, Yoga therapist, and motivational speaker.’
    • ‘He has also served as a fitness consultant to various organizations, including the U.S. military.’
    • ‘His advice is to recruit a team of experts which would include technical coaches, a sports psychologist, a nutritionist, and a fitness consultant.’
    • ‘Thanks also to the fitness consultants to Disabled Sports USA; all of them have devoted their energy and expertise unselfishly to further the growth of accessible fitness programs.’
    • ‘Physical fitness consultants draw data from the client: height, weight, health, physical conditioning levels, etc.’
    • ‘Personal trainers, wellness coaches, and fitness consultants look at a person's lifestyle, level of fitness, and wellness goals.’
    • ‘Our fitness consultants will design an individualized program that will give you more energy and stamina than you've ever had before.’
    • ‘His employer brought in a fitness consultant to address employees' poor health.’