Meaning of fitness training in English:

fitness training


mass noun
  • Exercise undertaken to improve or maintain one's physical fitness and health.

    ‘a lot of people are incorporating boxing in their fitness training’
    • ‘Family members of all ages are invited to join in with the fitness training.’
    • ‘There are many misconceptions regarding fitness training during pregnancy.’
    • ‘A physical fitness training regime was then drawn up to get him into top shape for the competition.’
    • ‘I was told to get fit, and given three weeks of physical fitness training.’
    • ‘He's working hard on his winter fitness training schedule.’
    • ‘The curriculum includes fitness training, nutrition, and exercise physiology.’
    • ‘I have been doing fitness training with the junior players.’
    • ‘What sort of fitness training are you doing to prepare for the World Superbikes next season?’
    • ‘He put the players through a week of high-intensity fitness training.’
    • ‘Many more of our sailors and officers are taking up sport and fitness training as part of their routine.’