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(also five-and-dime store)
  • 1North American A shop selling a wide variety of inexpensive household and personal goods.

    ‘‘After I opened, the theater, the hardware store, the five-and-dime, and the restaurant all closed,’ she says.’
    • ‘The building, at 151-153 Main Street, was formerly a five-and-dime store.’
    • ‘Noted children's book author/artist Demi became curious about Buddhism at the age of 3, when she bought a statue of Buddha at a five-and-dime store.’
    • ‘The building they chose was originally a five-and-dime store and most recently a jewelry wholesaler.’
    • ‘‘This was at his original five-and-dime store on the square,’ he recalls.’
    • ‘The bailiff was dressed in dark navy blue, his only marks of authority a silver badge pinned above his left breast and a pair of handcuffs, both of which looked like they could have been purchased at a five-and-dime.’
    • ‘For example, why not stop in at the five-and-dime and buy regular items - colorful string, or a Plexiglas box - and ask your artists to create something holiday-themed in their own individual way?’
    • ‘One of my nicest memories was going to the five-and-dime with my mother.’
    • ‘‘I want to be a bus conductor and open my own five-and-dime store with my savings,’ he said.’
    • ‘Sam Walton reinvented logistics, turning a five-and-dime into Wal-Mart Stores Inc, which draws almost 140 million shoppers a week.’
    • ‘They realized that the store needed to evolve to meet the needs of modern consumers, and so in 1986, Chesterton's hometown five-and-dime metamorphosed into a craft store.’
    • ‘‘We lost most of our merchandise in the fire, and there was little that we could save,’ he said, adding that he had a five-and-dime store prior to the fire.’
    • ‘She had stopped in at the five-and-dime to get cleaning supplies.’
    • ‘The ceramics and glassware made for these changing fashions in eating and drinking were available in a wide range of prices and could be purchased in department stores or the newly popular five-and-dime stores.’
    • ‘In addition, ‘a lot of five-and-dime stores have wooden or plastic massage devices - they're easy to keep in your office.’’
    1. 1.1 historical A shop where all the articles were priced at five or ten cents.
      ‘Today's dollar store is a five-and-dime shop, adjusted for inflation.’
      • ‘Once called five-and-dimes, they've been doing business continuously for many, many decades.’