Meaning of five a day in English:

five a day


  • Used in reference to nutritional guidelines recommending the consumption of at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day.

    ‘have you had your five a day today?’
    • ‘overall, just one in five Americans meets the five-a-day minimum’
    • ‘A young woman sporting a red sash declaring "We want you to have five a day" approaches.’
    • ‘The Department of Health's five a day message is based on the World Health Organisation recommendations for a healthy diet.’
    • ‘The nurses emphasised the five a day message.’
    • ‘They have all spurned the government's five a day logo for fruit and vegetables.’
    • ‘But I think five a day is a good target.’
    • ‘But behind these claims and the catchy marketing campaign to eat 'five a day' there is little solid science.’
    • ‘They'll go bananas for it and you'll be getting some of your five a day before you even leave your bed!’
    • ‘Although the five a day catchphrase might be appropriate for adults, it could be a disincentive for children.’
    • ‘Don't forget your five a day.’
    • ‘The USDA recommends five a day.’