Meaning of fivefold in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪvfəʊld/

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  • 1Five times as great or as numerous.

    ‘a fivefold increase in funding’
    • ‘Last year, 153 directors were restricted by the courts - a fivefold increase on five years ago.’
    • ‘The report proposes a massive increase in funding for health in the poor countries, with a fivefold increase in support from wealthy countries and at least a doubling from the poor countries themselves.’
    • ‘And Ireland is pumping money into science and research: more than $3.4 billion between 2000 and 2006, a fivefold increase over the previous five years.’
    • ‘This initiative wants to achieve 50% domestic import substitution within the next five years with at least a fivefold increase in Namibian horticultural production.’
    • ‘The authorized dealer of the French automobile Peugeot, expects a fivefold increase in sales this year to 2,500 units from 500 in 2000.’
    • ‘An earlier report by the Home Office showed 1,411,300 motorists were caught by speed cameras in 2002 - a fivefold increase since the introduction of cameras in 1996.’
    • ‘The election commission yesterday said it was investigating a fivefold increase in the number of new voters in Kirkuk, an oil-rich northern city that the Kurds wish to incorporate into their self-ruled region.’
    • ‘The Guard and Reserves clocked nearly 63 million duty days last year, a fivefold increase from the 12 million duty days recorded annually in the late 1990's.’
    • ‘The Royal College of Nurses claims there has been a fivefold increase in the number of nurses registering to come to Britain from overseas since the early 1990s.’
    • ‘Will the plausible three - to fivefold increase in beta carotene content be realized as the result of further research?’
    • ‘That comes on top of a fivefold increase over the previous two years.’
    • ‘One new study by British and Swedish scientists has predicted a fivefold increase in very wet winters in northern Europe over the next century.’
    • ‘This was a fivefold increase compared to the lowest level of the index in the summer of 2001.’
    • ‘In its last set of results, it reported a fivefold increase in losses.’
    • ‘A study comparing the periods 1990 to 1992 with 1992 to 1994 demonstrated a fivefold increase in the incidence of positional head deformity and found that all affected infants were supine sleepers.’
    • ‘Will he agree to investigate whether the granting of 200,000 work permits a year - that is a fivefold increase on last year - is in any way detrimental to the economically inactive in the UK?’
    • ‘Increasing numbers of patients in the United States are using herbal therapies and dietary supplements; between 1990 and 1997, there was a fivefold increase in the use of herbal therapies.’
    • ‘A company spokesperson says the price is justified by a fivefold increase in sales since fiscal 1999.’
    • ‘Even if investors feel they can mitigate some of these risks, they should look for a substantial return - perhaps fivefold or more.’
    • ‘In 1988 there was a fivefold high rate of incidental appendectomy in women compared to men, and by 1997 this had decreased to about twofold.’
    1. 1.1Having five parts or elements.
      ‘fivefold rotational symmetry’
      • ‘Viewing the metastable phase through an optical microscope confirmed its fivefold symmetry.’
      • ‘Electron density at the threefold and fivefold symmetry axes has been interpreted as calcium ions.’
      • ‘The well-studied ion channels all have low-order symmetries ranging between twofold and fivefold.’
      • ‘It has developed a fivefold conceptual framework for the analysis of global cultural flows.’
      • ‘Four fivefold serial dilutions were performed to produce samples of 0.2 ml each.’
      • ‘Aside from the official fivefold regional division of Brazil, a simpler economic distinction is made between the poor, underdeveloped North and the wealthier, more industrialized South.’
      • ‘Fasting forms an integral part of the fivefold Ayurvedic massage therapy called panchakarma with a view to cleansing the body before the actual medicated detoxification begins.’


  • By five times; to five times the number or amount.

    ‘the unemployment rate rose almost fivefold’
    • ‘Between 65-69 years to older than 90 years, the incidence of community-acquired pneumonia rose fivefold, and the mortality doubled.’
    • ‘India will expand its biotechnology sector fivefold in the next five years.’
    • ‘He has more than doubled the staff, to 109, and plans to grow fivefold in five years.’
    • ‘Revenues grew fivefold from 1991 to 2001-a compound annual rate of 17.5%.’
    • ‘Obesity levels have risen fivefold in the past 25 years.’
    • ‘Profits, while modest, were nonetheless up fivefold compared with 1998 results.’
    • ‘A decade later, this figure had risen fivefold and in 1975, when the football pools announced an annual turnover of 150 billion lire, surveys estimated that 35 per cent of Italians did the pools.’
    • ‘The most dynamic sector of all, however, was foreign trade, which expanded fivefold in real terms between 1716-20 and 1784-8.’
    • ‘The aim is to boost fivefold the yield of melons, tomatoes, and peppers.’
    • ‘The firm's shares rose fivefold in the three years after the deal closed.’
    • ‘He wants the budget to be increased at least fivefold, from £15m a year to £75m and possibly more.’
    • ‘Even if the beta carotene content could someday be increased fivefold, it will still take 3 or 4 pounds of rice a day to satisfy a person's nutritional requirements.’
    • ‘People aged over 60 outnumber under-16s for the first time and the number of over-85s has increased fivefold to 1.1 million since 1951.’
    • ‘In Scotland, flooding is likely to increase fivefold over the next 50 years.’
    • ‘There has been a rapid expansion in the number of independent schools, which has increased more than fivefold.’
    • ‘In South Yorkshire, the average spend on the drugs has increased almost fivefold, from 53p in 1999 to £2.50.’
    • ‘The United Nations estimates that net imports of food by developing nations will have increased fivefold to $50 billion by 2030.’
    • ‘The number of homeowners likely to be hit by inheritance tax has increased nearly fivefold under this government.’
    • ‘Burglaries have increased more than fivefold from 72,000 in 1964 to 402,000 last year.’
    • ‘Over the four years of its presence in Bulgaria, the company has increased its operations nearly fivefold.’