Meaning of fiver in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪvə/

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  • 1British informal A five-pound note.

    • ‘The Treasury is planning to make the nation's money go further by replacing all its fivers with plastic bank notes.’
    • ‘They'll never remember to pay you in that state and even if they do, they'll mix up tenners and fivers - a fact which won't always work in your favour.’
    • ‘His helper passes the CDs to him from a three-feet-deep cardboard box and the trader dishes them out to supporters as fivers and tenners change hands.’
    • ‘Never wanting to be left out, here is a dream I had last night: I opened my wallet, and found an old bank slip, three fivers and a tenner there.’
    • ‘How about the smell of crisp new fivers and tenners, please?’
    • ‘Admittedly, an extra fiver or tenner a month won't break the bank for most people but, for many of us, the council tax is one of our largest expenses.’
    • ‘We are not talking in terms of a fiver or a tenner here or there.’
    • ‘Some gave us fivers while others paid with a £20 note.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, at the moment, sales are slow, as most such wines cost over a fiver (and many hover closer to a tenner).’
    • ‘They said they'd pay her a fiver then proceeded to borrow a tenner off me.’
    • ‘It is offering passengers from York the chance to travel to London for just a fiver - with a return ticket costing a tenner.’
    • ‘‘I wish I was rich enough to use fivers as scrap paper,’ remarked Caroline.’
    • ‘People who would usually put in £1 have been giving fivers.’
    • ‘When I went round to people's desks with the collection sheet, nearly everyone made a donation and lots were putting in fivers.’
    • ‘Right now I've got a couple of crumpled-up old fivers in my pocket.’
    • ‘But it's also true that there has been a steady flow of fivers from old women with spidery handwriting.’
    • ‘Corruption is about far more than an envelope stuffed full of fivers in someone's back pocket.’
    • ‘Short of the band throwing fivers into the audience, the show couldn't be much better.’
    • ‘He nudged her out of the way before grabbing a fistful of fivers from the till.’
    • ‘The General paid the bill from a bundle of fivers and hurried down the stairs.’
    1. 1.1North American A five-dollar bill.
      ‘What makes the whole operation so charming is that it seems like no one's dropping anything even as heavy as a fiver, so you lose your cash dollar by dollar.’
      • ‘The fiver will be paid back next Saturday at the pub.’
      • ‘I love mix tapes as much as the next cheapskate, but I like to get them for a fiver from my local market bootlegger.’
      • ‘He could have contradicted the Aussie's statement but the fiver, still rolled up in his weak hand, was enough validation for him.’
      • ‘Next I made it known that I would pick up anyone's kitchen detail for a fiver and soon I was working the wash box four days a week.’
      • ‘The next day my boatmates and I each slipped Martin a fiver, and suddenly his English improved immensely.’
      • ‘The happy hour offer is excellent value and the promotional bottle of wine at a fiver well what more can I say.’
      • ‘I search my wallet for something extra, but I've only got a fiver and my checkbook is at home.’
      • ‘After an empty fifteen seconds, he lowered his head down to the line and placed the fiver under his nose.’
      • ‘I picked up my frappuccino and drank it all down whilst Justin pulled out a fiver and left it on the table.’
      • ‘Then, Frances bounded into the living room to collect a fiver after she heard her mom curse.’
      • ‘She says she'll sell it, and then if fate places that fiver and that book in each other's hands someday, they'll know they were meant to be together.’