Meaning of fixative in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪksətɪv/

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  • 1A chemical substance used to preserve or stabilize biological material prior to microscopy or other examination.

    ‘an alcoholic fixative’
    • ‘ten double drops of fixative’
    • ‘The main purpose of chemical fixatives is to preserve the tissue, changing its fresh liquid sol state to a hardened preserved fixed state.’
    • ‘Because of this, a variety of fixatives are used to preserve and stabilize certain structures and inclusions to withstand the procedures just outlined.’
    • ‘Osmium tetroxide was used as a secondary fixative and stain prior to a second wash in phosphate buffer.’
    • ‘Squashes were made in the fixative on a coverslip.’
    • ‘After three subsequent changes of fixative, metaphases were prepared by dropping the cell suspension onto labelled clean, moist microscope slides.’
    • ‘Tissue samples are preserved in formalin or occasionally other fixatives before processing and embedding in paraffin.’
    • ‘The chemical composition of each of these fixatives as detailed by the manufacturers is listed in Table 1.’
    • ‘The cultures were pooled after adding the fixative.’
    • ‘When individual factors in fixation were studied, some fixatives performed better than others.’
    • ‘This approach preserves native structure by rapidly freezing the specimen in a thin aqueous layer by plunging into cryogen, without the use of fixatives or stains.’
    • ‘A liquid fixative was deliberately not used in order to prevent dislodging of pollen grains.’
    • ‘The residual material that remained on the collection device was then transferred to the liquid fixative and a second slide was prepared in the laboratory.’
    • ‘A technology that is being developed and refined at present is a fixative that allows blood samples to be stored and transported over 5 days without loss of accuracy in test results.’
    • ‘Squashes were made in the fixative on a glass slide and flame dried.’
    • ‘Before squashing, the roots were washed in water to remove the fixative.’
    • ‘The brushes can be rinsed in saline solution or in liquid-based fixative for cell concentration procedures.’
    • ‘As much sea water as possible was removed from the samples and 4-5 volumes of cocktail fixative were added.’
    • ‘They had better success, after much trial and error, by using a one-step cocktail fixative.’
    • ‘For histopathological observation, interphalangeal joint of right hind paw was sliced and placed in fixative of 10% formaline.’
    • ‘There is no single fixative that is ideal; every fixative has positive and negative attributes.’
    1. 1.1A substance used to stabilize the volatile components of perfume.
      ‘sandalwood is regarded by many perfumers as a good fixative’
      • ‘Finally, while the fixatives provide the background, the base note lends the perfume its lasting impression.’
      • ‘Ambergris is used as a fixative in the manufacture of perfume.’
      • ‘This plant is one of the natural sources of Benzyl benzoate, an aromatic liquid used as a fixative and solvent in the manufacture of flavorings and perfume.’
    2. 1.2A liquid sprayed on to a pastel or charcoal drawing to fix colours or prevent smudging.
      ‘he sprayed his design with fixative’
      • ‘But the real emphasis of this book is in developing an understanding of how the body moves and the many media and techniques for rendering the human form: chalks, charcoal, pastel, fixative, watercolors and oil paints.’
      • ‘The top bid was $7,500 for the painting whose intensity and tactile quality are achieved with layers of charcoal, then fixative, then more layers, then sand-paper.’
      • ‘Gelatine, an animal by-product rich in collagen, was frequently used by Middle Age painters as a fixative to bind pigments to canvas or wood.’
      • ‘In the evening, back home, rummaging about in my big box of old art materials I came across a can of spray fixative and two bottles of spirit varnish.’
      • ‘The art is delicately done on a textured paper and a fixative is applied before mounting.’
      • ‘When the class had the backgrounds rendered with about four to six values, we held a class critique to evaluate if they had developed their contrast enough to go ahead and spray the artwork with workable fixative.’
      • ‘Pictographs also are fragile, since prehistoric artisans do not appear to have used any fixative, such as animal fat, in their pigments.’
      • ‘Afterwards all the new art studenty types sprayed all their drawings creating a cloud of pungent fixative in the basement studio.’
  • 2A substance used to keep things in position or stick them together.

    ‘the swift glues these thin twigs to a wall using its own saliva as a fixative’
    • ‘Applying the fixatives before dyeing gives both fiber components of the fabric a positive charge.’
    • ‘The book dummies, storyboards, jacket covers, and double page spreads were proudly displayed, still smelling strongly of glue and fixatives.’
    • ‘The team will create a new fixative mixture that combines minerals and slow-release growth factors.’
    • ‘Use a fixative, if available, for stabilization.’
    • ‘Especially when the greying crims could only be called hard-bitten if they'd managed to apply their denture fixative that morning.’
    adhesive, glue, fixative, gum, paste, bonding, binder, sealer, sealant


  • (of a substance) used to fix or stabilize something.

    ‘They determined whether use of fixative fluid, organic solvent, or both might contribute to the low numbers.’
    • ‘The sandals are sewn by hand, made with low-impact, fiberreactive dyes and no fixative chemicals.’
    • ‘In the early 1970s, the use of the fixative paste was eliminated, which meant that tissue could be removed and processed immediately by frozen section.’
    • ‘The best option for those with older printers is to use a fixative spray.’
    • ‘No asbestos bodies or uncoated asbestos fibers were found in any other water or fixative samples.’
    • ‘It appears that the use of tissue that had been formalin fixed before processing stabilized the uncoated asbestos fibers, since none were detected in the wash or fixative solutions.’
    • ‘The globe should be fixed in an adequate volume of fixative with at least a 10: 1 ratio of fixative volume to specimen volume recommended.’
    • ‘This fixation step was repeated twice and the resulting cells were resuspended in a small volume of fixative solution and carefully placed onto clean slides.’
    • ‘Instead, the sample is placed in a small bottle containing fixative solution.’
    • ‘We believe that this is contamination that occurred during the process of lifting the coagulum from the dish and transferring it to the fixative solution.’
    • ‘The fixative solution was partially but not completely removed, the pellet was resuspended, dropped onto pre-cleaned microscope slides and dried for 24 h at room temperature.’
    • ‘Mosquitoes were preserved in fixative solution and stored at - 20° until use.’
    • ‘The muscles were stored in the fixative solutions at 4 deg C for further use.’
    • ‘The macerated cells were dissociated in a clean slide with a fresh fixative solution.’
    • ‘The eyes remained in the fixative solution overnight.’
    • ‘After a fixative solution is added, the sample is run on the instrument.’
    • ‘A second motor initiation, which depresses a plunger in a manner similar to a syringe, combines the cell culture mixture with a fixative reagent, which squelches further biological reaction.’
    • ‘The remaining fixative solution and 5% KOH solution were examined under a microscope to determine whether pollen grains had been removed from stigmas during the treatment.’