Meaning of fixedness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪksɪdnɪs/


See fixed

‘Continually, her approach is to question fixedness and limits, to seek unknown responses and responsibilities, to choose movement and being moved, and to enjoy the pleasure of thinking.’
  • ‘Yet, it is precisely because of its fixedness in the landscape that, to those who see the monument, it becomes invisibly part of the landscape.’
  • ‘One feels that each, in different ways, has confronted the fixedness of a poetic identity and managed to break it open, to begin again.’
  • ‘One can't help but respect this fortepianist, though, for his courage and for the fixedness of his vision.’
  • ‘Functional fixedness, or thinking about objects only in terms of their functions, is another kind of mental set that prevents problem solving.’