Meaning of fizz boat in English:

fizz boat


New Zealand
  • A small motorboat.

    ‘another fizz boat appeared to escort them through the channel’
    • ‘Do they have access to the swimming pool and the fizz boat?’
    • ‘Here are the pics of the Lt Cmdr and the fizz boat alongside the fishing boat.’
    • ‘The fizz boat with 40hp was parked near the smoker, which is put to good use after a day on the water.’
    • ‘One of the most exciting, low-fi ways to enjoy our harbour isn't in a fizz boat or hoping the wind catches your sails, it's paddling in a sea kayak.’
    • ‘If I had the need to tow a small lightweight caravan or a small fizz boat for reasonably long distances, or was travelling more than about 25,000km a year, then diesel may get my vote.’
    • ‘He bought his first boat around 1998, a little fizz boat that he used for fishing and other on-sea escapades.’
    • ‘A Coastguard spokeswoman said the man, understood to be in his 50s, was on a "fizz boat" - a small runabout - with two others, at anchor near Motuihe Island, between Auckland and Waiheke.’
    • ‘The fizz boat sped back to the mothership where a fellow angler who was waiting with his medical kit.’
    • ‘The fizz-boat drivers had put their bows into the wind and ducked down behind the steering wheels to keep their faces out of the hail.’
    • ‘A fizz boat whizzed past like a dervish.’


1970s from fizz in the sense ‘move in a lively way’.