Meaning of fizziness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪzɪnəs/


See fizzy

‘What he wanted was a sparkling beer without unpleasant fizziness.’
  • ‘Sparkling wines vary in fizziness, not just in the actual pressure under which the gas is dissolved in the wine, but also apparently in the character of the foam.’
  • ‘The warning label on the side indicates that it contains zero per cent juice - I am not sure if that means grape or peach juice, but it does taste sort of peachy, with a good dose of sugar and some fizziness.’
  • ‘Because of the fizziness of the beer and the altitude, it was almost impossible to pour a pint of beer without at least 2/3 of it being foamy head.’
  • ‘Just think of the combination of experiences - touch, fizziness, coolness, acidity and exquisite smells - that make up the experience of drinking champagne.’