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flag day


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  • 1British A day on which money is collected for a charity in the street and donors are given small paper badges to show they have contributed.

    ‘Castlecomer Basketball Club would like to thank all those who contributed to our flag day, both on the street and at the Church gates at the weekend.’
    • ‘Well, two ex-service charities that do help war veterans have been brought to the council's notice; and the parish council is well placed to organise a flag day for those two charities.’
    • ‘A flag day in Swanley organised by the North West Kent branch of the British Polio Fellowship raised £394.37.’
    • ‘The committee have also thanked all those who contributed to their recent flag day and add that they look forward to seeing all in 2004.’
    • ‘The club would like to thank all those who helped out and contributed to the recent flag day.’
    • ‘A special word of thanks to all who contributed to the flag day.’
    • ‘These included a flag day, sale of badges, a garden fête and private donations.’
    • ‘The unit would like to thank everyone who contributed to the successful flag day held recently.’
    • ‘Annual flag day is this May Bank Holiday weekend and we would ask everybody to subscribe as generously as possible.’
    • ‘All those who help with its work today are still volunteers, and a flag day takes place each year to raise money for cassette and recording equipment.’
    • ‘She thanked everyone who helped with the church gate collection and our annual flag day.’
    • ‘It is looking for volunteers to help collect for it during its flag day on July 5.’
    • ‘If he finds it a problem to replace them, may I suggest the town holds a flag day each year called ‘New Suit for the Mayor Day’.’
    • ‘Many thanks is extended to all who contributed and participated in the flag day held recently.’
    • ‘Not only did the money go, the takings of our flag day, but he took the only set of weights we had for training.’
    • ‘It raised more than £580 during a flag day in Bexley on July 3.’
    • ‘Locally, fundraising consists of an annual Church Gate collection, a golf classic in May, an annual flag day and personal donations.’
    • ‘The Community Games organizers would like to thank everyone who supported their flag day and also those who collected.’
    • ‘The club would like to thank, sincerely, all who gave of their time to collect and support their recent flag day in Carlow town.’
    • ‘Only one hour is needed to help make the charity's flag day even better than ever.’
  • 2

    (also Flag Day)
    (in the US) 14 June, the anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes in 1777.

    ‘The Flag Day ceremony was staged by the Blue Star / Gold Star Mothers of America, an organization started in 1942.’
    • ‘June 14 is also Flag Day in the United States, so the public is invited to a ‘Grand Prix-View’ as Indianapolis gives a patriotic welcome to the world at 11: 30 a.m.’
    • ‘In this story, Flag Day marks the anniversary of the banner's ‘birth,’ with Betsy Ross its mother.’
    • ‘Every year since then, each president has proclaimed June 14th to be Flag Day.’