Meaning of flag down in English:

flag down

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phrasal verb

  • flag someone or something down, flag down someone or somethingSignal to a vehicle to stop, especially by waving one's arm.

    ‘she flagged down a police patrol car’
    • ‘A man was arrested after a bus driver was flagged down at a bus stop on a York estate and threatened with a knife.’
    • ‘Why would any rational cement mixer driver stop for someone flagging them down?’
    • ‘It stops when you flag it down, but the driver demurs with the same explanation, and kindly informs you that a bus back to town will be along in an hour.’
    • ‘Police have also repeated their request that members of the public do not approach the asylum seekers or stop their cars if they are flagged down.’
    • ‘Eventually another driver flagged her down and rescued the cat from the roof of her car.’
    • ‘Now, the cab, clearly thinking I was about to just flag it down, did not stop.’
    • ‘Several times I have found that unless someone walking or standing by the roadside flags me down or waves at me chances are I will not see them.’
    • ‘The driver's arm was out the window, waving frantically, apparently flagging us down.’
    • ‘He flagged the driver down and jogged over to him, shedding his stolen gear as he went.’
    • ‘I would also remind people, please do not stop for any vehicles that try to flag you down, unless clearly marked as a police vehicle.’
    • ‘A Hackney license enables taxi drivers to pick up fares on the street as and when they are flagged down, while private hire drivers rely on bookings.’
    • ‘We tried to flag them down because of the risk but most drivers simply ignored us.’
    • ‘A hackney carriage plate allows drivers to pick up passengers who flag them down in the street or from ranks in the city.’
    • ‘In fact, it's illegal for the taxi drivers to pick up anyone trying to flag them down.’
    • ‘Lesson 1: you need to flag a bus down even if you are standing at a bus stop.’
    • ‘The Ford flipped into the air and landed on its roof after its driver raced away when a police patrol tried to flag it down.’
    • ‘I think for a moment of flagging the cab down anyway and having the driver wait while I retrieve money from my hotel room.’
    • ‘Matt flagged me down and as I pulled to a stop, he ran over to my side and was about to say something before I put my hand up to gesture him to stop.’
    • ‘Hackney carriage drivers are only allowed to wait for trade in designated ranks but they can be flagged down for journeys.’
    • ‘The woman was driving alone early in the morning when she was flagged down by another motorist.’
    hail, wave down, signal to stop, gesture to stop, motion to stop, make a sign to