Meaning of flag of truce in English:

flag of truce


  • A white flag indicating a desire for a truce.

    ‘It is, of course, an act of trust and bravery to proceed toward enemy lines relying upon the honour of an opponent not to fire on men bearing a flag of truce.’
    • ‘He was hit in the leg and lost an eye but was rescued by two of his comrades and taken under a flag of truce to a field hospital.’
    • ‘Specific examples of perfidy include ‘the feigning of an intent to negotiate under a flag of truce or of a surrender’ and ‘the feigning of civilian, non-combatant status.’’
    • ‘The emperor would have to grant a ship to be used on your behalf, and then again for you to come back, under a flag of truce, for we are at war with the people who rule that island.’
    • ‘So I put up a white flag of truce; I gave in; I surrendered.’
    • ‘One of his officers had been killed while under a flag of truce.’
    • ‘Under flags of truce and making gestures of peace, the delegation approached the cantonment.’
    • ‘Dispatched to locate the attackers, the squad came upon several insurgents who raised a white flag of truce.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the leader of this gang raised a flag of truce.’
    • ‘Send a delegation to New Switzerland under a flag of truce.’
    • ‘As the last English galley sinks below the waves, an English emissary arrives at Bangalore under a white flag of truce.’
    • ‘Most notorious was his capture of Osceola under a flag of truce on 27 October 1837.’
    • ‘Troops from both sides were collecting dead and wounded, burying who they could, under a flag of truce.’
    • ‘A small troop of men, spired helmets gleaming, approached under a flag of truce with a message.’
    • ‘For if you continue to manifest yourself as an enemy, I will treat you like an enemy - even if you claim to be approaching me under a flag of truce.’
    • ‘A messenger arrives under a flag of truce.’
    • ‘A smile, a white flag of truce on a stick, and an unarmed handshake for the first official he met.’
    • ‘But they don't have much time, before he arrives under the flag of truce.’
    • ‘You wave a flag of truce to bring back harmony and synergy at work and at home.’
    • ‘Captured officers were also able to send and receive Canadian mails carried under flags of truce.’