Meaning of flagship in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflaɡʃɪp/

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  • 1The ship in a fleet which carries the commanding admiral.

    ‘Cornwall is due to hand over her flagship duties to sister ship HMS Campbeltown in October.’
    • ‘As the flagship of Admiral Lord Howe, she played an important part in the early stages of the war with France.’
    • ‘It is the flagship of the fleet and is very large, you'll soon come to realize.’
    • ‘Both Dutch flagships and nine other ships were taken during a 2 ½ hour action, more than half their force.’
    • ‘The flagship of the fleet, it leaves all others trailing in its wake.’
    • ‘The destroyers have also been fitted with command and control facilities that allow them to serve as flagships for Canadian or allied task groups.’
    • ‘Just approaching the warship sends a shiver down the spine of the anybody with a sense of history, as she looks every inch the flagship in her prime.’
    • ‘The flagship of the Russian Pacific fleet visited Shanghai late last year.’
    • ‘He was supposed to be on a flagship or at least one of the larger ships of the fleet.’
    • ‘This is not just for New Zealand flagships; it is for international flagships.’
    • ‘One of the most famous names in RN history has bowed out, handing over the title of the nation's flagship to her sister.’
    • ‘Thai Marines and Naval units took him prisoner and held him aboard the flagship.’
    • ‘Aboard his flagship, he stared coldly out the window as the vessel slowed to a halt.’
    • ‘Warburton-Lee was killed, his flagship had to be beached, two other destroyers were damaged, and a third was sunk.’
    • ‘The titanic shapes of the flagship Nelson and her twin, the Rodney, dominated the view.’
    1. 1.1The best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization.
      ‘this bill is the flagship of the government's legislative programme’
      • ‘the company's flagship store in Paris’
      • ‘Perfume houses take very great care to ensure that the ingredients of their flagship products are kept under wraps.’
      • ‘One of the joys of the flagship store in Freeport, Maine is that it is open 24 hours.’
      • ‘We have been launching our flagship products in India for a long time.’
      • ‘One of the key things that has worked in the firm's favour over the years is owning the flagship store at 87 George Street.’
      • ‘Its flagship store in Princes Street recently hired a new manager.’
      • ‘Her current assignment is getting the new flagship store up and running well in time for Christmas.’
      • ‘The Welcome Centre is considered by other major funders as a flagship organisation.’
      • ‘The power bike's a flagship product, the kind of thing that could support a whole company.’
      • ‘Johnson was innovative enough to create product extensions of his flagship brand.’
      • ‘It now only has the flagship Regent Street store left, which is valued at £19.6m.’
      • ‘A flagship London store opened last September, and there are plans to open six more stores worldwide this year.’
      • ‘It said the opening of its flagship store would be followed by an expansion throughout the country.’
      • ‘A flagship Glasgow store would be a snub to Edinburgh which had harboured dreams of attracting the company.’
      • ‘Plans are already afoot to extend the product range and open the label's first flagship Berlin store this year.’
      • ‘The sale of Bradford's flagship department store could become a positive opportunity for the city, it was claimed today.’
      • ‘Due to legal reasons I cannot divulge the name of this flagship product.’
      • ‘The Italian label, which has just opened a new London flagship store, really does make some of the best outerwear around.’
      • ‘The company may also set up separate flagship stores for its brands to further the aim of brand identity.’
      • ‘This is supposed to be their flagship bill, but press reports have suggested they might lose the vote.’
      • ‘The design of the store will be closely modelled on the company's flagship store in Oxford Street.’