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Pronunciation /flɛː/

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  • 1in singular A special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well.

    ‘she had a flair for languages’
    • ‘none of us had much artistic flair’
    • ‘He had a flair for drawing and an ability to grasp and execute delicate model settings.’
    • ‘They are coming to Bangalore to hunt for some gifted youngsters, with a flair for acting.’
    • ‘He was gifted with his hands and had a natural flair for wood-turning and carpentry.’
    • ‘Teresa was gifted with her hands and had a great flair for craftwork and cooking.’
    • ‘We get great cuts from him, prepared with the flair of a true artist.’
    • ‘Kevin has a flair for photography.’
    • ‘I have a flair for composing, and I have a flair for performing and making records.’
    • ‘He even exhibited a flair for handling the crowd scenes particularly well.’
    • ‘But nothing could stop this woman bursting with energy and a flair for fine arts.’
    • ‘But all three lack the flair of the truly outstanding international sides.’
    • ‘For all the flair among his new teammates, it is this willingness to work for each other which Sutton cites as most significant.’
    • ‘I've long held a theory that a bass player is a frustrated lead guitarist who has none of the flair or appeal for the job.’
    • ‘Lauren started playing ice hockey at the age of eight and discovered she not only had a flair for the game, but a real passion for the sport too.’
    • ‘Currie ended the match with a flourish and belatedly displayed the flair and pace that they undoubtedly possess.’
    • ‘Along the way he also managed to take some piano lessons and discovered a unique flair for song writing.’
    • ‘He has a flair for motorcycles and riding them is nothing short of a passion.’
    • ‘The beauty is that he scores all around the wicket, off front and back foot, and has developed the flair to score in all areas.’
    • ‘His obsession with ice skating began as a child growing up in Bristol, where he showed an early flair for dancing.’
    • ‘The courses are for young dance enthusiasts with a flair for movements and music.’
    • ‘He has wanted to be an author since he was at school (where a teacher told him he had a flair for it).’
    aptitude, talent, gift, knack, instinct, natural ability, ability, capability, capacity, faculty, facility, skill, bent, feel, genius
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  • 2mass noun Stylishness and originality.

    ‘she dressed with flair’
    • ‘Judges placed high value on entries that demonstrated imagination, originality and flair.’
    • ‘She went for a formal and textured look with a touch of modernity and lots of flair and originality.’
    • ‘He did, however, have an innate grasp of public relations, dressing with flair so people would notice him.’
    • ‘Size did not matter to the expert judging panel, who were looking for flair and creativity within the space available.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, I sleepwalked through today somewhat, albeit with style and flair.’
    • ‘He had a certain creative flair and loved talking about his projects.’
    • ‘Having displayed flair and invention in the first half, the second was all about grit and determination.’
    • ‘Inside, while you don't get the style or flair of a Range Rover, you do get a sense of utilitarian toughness.’
    • ‘First of all, artwork is one of the best investments you can make to add character and flair to a room.’
    • ‘We're not saying we need you in Armani, just something with a little style and flair.’
    • ‘For decades Japan has dominated through relentless innovation and creative flair.’
    • ‘We owe it to them to make sure they get a fair return for their creativity, flair and inspiration.’
    • ‘You may be able to extend the tower, provided you do it with flair and sensitivity.’
    • ‘It is a special kind of organisation that thrives on creativity and flair.’
    • ‘This luxurious property enjoys panoramic sea views and is presented with great style and flair.’
    • ‘All you need is a few ideas on how to do this with a modicum of panache and flair.’
    • ‘He has relied instead on professional skill and entrepreneurial flair in his executives.’
    • ‘This car is very stylish, has a lot of French flair and is built for living in the city.’
    • ‘Maybe it's just the flair of the Spanish language that makes it so appealing.’
    • ‘The home was built with an architectural flair and design not often found.’
    style, stylishness, panache, verve, dash, elan, finesse, poise, elegance, sparkle, brio
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Late 19th century from French, from flairer ‘to smell’, based on Latin fragrare ‘smell sweet’. Compare with fragrant.