Meaning of flak jacket in English:

flak jacket


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  • A sleeveless jacket made of heavy fabric reinforced with metal or Kevlar, worn as protection against bullets and shrapnel.

    ‘The heavy chest plate in his flak jacket stopped the bullet.’
    • ‘One of the bullets clipped the flak jacket of one of our producers, Maria Fleet.’
    • ‘Mrs Roberts has queried whether the gun was in working order and whether the flak jacket provided enough protection.’
    • ‘Under his camouflage fatigues he wears a flak jacket with armour plates.’
    • ‘Bates was wearing a flak jacket, which at the time were lined with fiberglass plates.’
    • ‘She comes sporting high heeled combat boots and a camouflage flak jacket so as not to be harmed by light shrapnel.’
    • ‘She claims he would have survived had it not been for faulty equipment and that he was away from his army vehicle without a protective flak jacket.’
    • ‘She donned a flak jacket and helmet to learn how de-miners use metal detectors to make land safe.’
    • ‘Even without the plates in the pouches, the flak jacket is supposedly strong enough to stop a 9 mm bullet, meaning it's at least somewhat worthy of being called a bulletproof vest.’
    • ‘His face was dirty and sweaty and grimacing with pain, his flak jacket hung open where it had taken a bullet, at the very least breaking his ribs or damaging his lungs.’
    • ‘When Red Cross workers go into a war zone, they don't get a flak jacket.’
    • ‘They preferred the more military look for their dress sense mainly kitted out in black bottoms, black magnum boots and a black shirt with an armoured flak jacket over the top.’
    • ‘An officer in a flak jacket without a visible gun stopped the two boys.’
    • ‘The feeling of foreboding grew steadily as I was guided deeper into the minefield, dressed in a flak jacket and safety helmet.’
    • ‘Mr Reed said: ‘It may be that the flak jacket he gave up saved the life of a soldier in the Black Watch or one of the other infantry regiments.’’
    • ‘A flak jacket saved the life of the Marine.’
    • ‘Also he got to wear a flak jacket and ride in an armoured vehicle while doing so.’