Meaning of flame retardant in English:

flame retardant

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  • A substance that prevents or inhibits the outbreak of fire.

    ‘flame retardants are in many upholstered furnishings’
    • ‘The sole US manufacturer of two flame retardants pledged to cease making both products next year.’
    • ‘Her level of flame retardants was the fifth highest of the women tested.’
    • ‘Computers treated with certain flame retardants may be harming the health of those who use them.’
    • ‘Manufacturers of the flame retardants estimate that their products save at least 300 American lives annually.’
    • ‘PCBs are human-made chemicals used in electrical equipment and flame retardants.’
    • ‘It's good to know that skirts of contemporary balloons are treated with a flame retardant.’
    • ‘The chemicals which must be replaced by 2007 include lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and some flame retardants.’
    • ‘The coveralls are designed to reduce the possibility of static electricity and are laundered in flame retardant.’
    • ‘Manufacturers there have eliminated lead and brominated flame retardants from electronic products, or plan to.’
    • ‘Commonly used flame retardants not covered in the treaty could be affecting our babies.’


  • (especially of a fabric or substance) treated so as to be non-flammable.

    ‘flame-retardant chemicals’
    • ‘The most important use of bromine today is in making flame-retardant materials.’
    • ‘The wall should be protected by a flame-retardant surface.’
    • ‘The walls of a kitchen are supposed to be flame retardant.’
    • ‘The invention relates to the use of a flame-retardant combination, especially in thermoplastic polymers.’
    • ‘It seems Larry will be out of town that day, which saves us a fortune in additional flame-retardant clothing, we guess.’
    • ‘Their recently installed kitchen is huge and relatively flame retardant.’
    • ‘The computer casing is made of 100 per cent recyclable plastic, and it is flame retardant without the use of conventional brominated coatings.’
    • ‘The trousers and jackets are heavyweight, flame retardant, durable, and waterproof.’
    • ‘At that time, flame-retardant fabrics were horrible with little or no attempt to introduce design into the product.’
    • ‘In an oxygen-enriched environment, flame-retardant paper drapes will ignite more quickly than they otherwise would and burn at an alarming speed.’