Meaning of flame tree in English:

flame tree


  • Any of a number of trees with brilliant red flowers.

    an Australian bottle tree (Brachychiton acerifolius, family Sterculiaceae).
    another term for

    ‘A dozen native trees will be saved, including melaleucas, coolamons, conifers, a flame tree and a lilly pilly.’
    • ‘We had a huge flame tree in the front yard, and the mechanic's pit in the garage had been converted into a bomb shelter, covered by corrugated metal roofing.’
    • ‘There were two lounges, a desk, a large orange coloured bed and a potted Mizami flame tree in a corner.’
    • ‘One trail led through thick fig-tree roots, berry-covered bushes, and massive flame trees to the island's 400-foot crest.’
    • ‘The flame trees and lillypillies from the original site have now been returned.’