Meaning of flamen in English:


nounplural noun flamens, plural noun flamines

Roman History
  • A priest serving a particular deity.

    ‘Mark Antony was designated his flamen.’
    • ‘An inscription recounts that the bridge was built as a bequest in his will by one Flavos, a Romanized Gaulish aristocrat who was a flamen of the Imperial Cult of Rome and Augustus.’
    • ‘He created a new priest, the flamen Iulialis, to supervise the cult of the deified Julius Caesar, just as Numa had created the flamen Quirinalis for the worship of Romulus as a god after his death.’
    • ‘There follows a period of Lent and abstinences: no marriage is performed in this period, the flaminica, wife of the flamen Dialis, is not allowed to have intercourse with her husband.’
    • ‘If these men had such a king as this, who, while self-indulgent, should lay no severe restraint on them, they would more enthusiastically consecrate to him a temple and a flamen than the ancient Romans did to Romulus.’



/ˈfleɪmɛn/ /ˈflɑːmɛn/