Meaning of flameout in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfleɪməʊt/

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  • 1An instance of the flame in the combustion chamber of a jet engine being extinguished, with a resultant loss of power.

    ‘Any sudden throttle movements could cause an engine flameout, resulting in deceleration and a lengthy engine restart - not ideal when a pilot was in combat.’
    • ‘When the engine experienced the flameout, the airplane was 700 ft above ground level and 0.5 miles from the end of the runway.’
    • ‘At 6,000 feet, the pilot tried to execute a second set of boldface procedures, loss of thrust / flameout, but had difficulty remembering the procedures verbatim.’
    • ‘I had made several mistakes that could have led to an airborne flameout.’
    • ‘I started making a plan to ditch the aircraft in the event of a flameout.’
    • ‘As I tried my best to tune out approach - except for any safety-of-flight calls - I again began going through the emergency procedures for a flameout.’
    • ‘A Boeing 747-400 suffered a four-engine flameout and severe damage when it encountered an ash cloud.’
    • ‘But explosions would not occur from a flameout.’
    • ‘I noticed the rain was pouring down, and for the first time, the instructor said something about the water and the potential for a flameout.’
    • ‘Smoke from burning hydraulic fluid poured from the engine, increasing the risk of a flameout and single-engine ops.’
    • ‘We decided a dual-engine flameout at night was probably not a good thing.’
    • ‘We would keep a bolter on the runway for this pass - certainly better than a flameout.’
    • ‘The 29 working units are frequently plagued by flameouts, engine stalls, generator failures and general mechanical problems.’
    1. 1.1mainly North American informal A complete or conspicuous failure.
      • ‘his first-round flameout at the US Open’
      • ‘A first-round playoff flameout ended the season on a sour note.’
      • ‘Other legendary trainers suffered flameouts just as dramatic.’
      • ‘The Gregg family is becoming increasingly familiar with flameouts.’
      • ‘The crash demolished that illusion: after October 1929, businessmen, investors and politicians alike watched every economic signal anxiously, seeking reassurance that the financial flameout had not soured the economy as well.’
      • ‘Are we witnessing the biggest flameout in Irish political history?’
      • ‘Even coaches at the top of their field have had roles in some of the biggest corporate flameouts of the past quarter-century.’
      • ‘Together, these strategies could resurrect hundreds of pharmaceutical flameouts - drugs that were pulled from the market, or never made it out of the lab because of adverse reactions.’
      • ‘Some people argue that direct-to-consumer advertising has played a major role in some of the big drug flameouts in recent years.’
      • ‘Forget the 43-year drought and three straight flameouts in the NFC championship game.’
      • ‘After two spectacular flameouts in two decades, it looked as if the company's antidiabetes program was finished.’
      • ‘Last year, Connecticut wanted to erase its school's reputation for pre-Final Four flameouts.’
      • ‘So Jenkins is trying an unusual program to fix her memory flameouts.’
      • ‘A lot of investments in dotcoms turned out to be spectacular flameouts.’
      • ‘Though this first group failed to fulfill their early promise, the next class learned from their flameouts.’
      • ‘But, to be fair, Chuck was a genius and a visionary - destined for a brief run and an early flameout - while the Beastie Boys, despite their antics, were too levelheaded, too well-adjusted not to last.’
      • ‘The flameout dulled the gloss of a turnaround season in which they became just the ninth team in NBA history to improve from 50 losses to 50 wins.’
      • ‘Hard to imagine Miller anywhere but Indiana, and with his playoff flameout this year, it's hard to imagine other teams lining up to sign him.’