Meaning of flannie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflani/

nounplural noun flannies

informal Australian
  • A flannelette shirt.

    • ‘in a blue flannie and jeans, she contrasts sharply with the elegant decor of her surroundings’
    • ‘Out wanders nature boy with his beard, his flannie shirt, and his boots.’
    • ‘He's clad in a flannie, and has a Santa hat somewhat rakishly perched on his bonce.’
    • ‘Describing wearing a "flannie" over a t-shirt, jeans and with sandals as a good south coast outfit was going too far for me.’
    • ‘Any self-respecting flannie-wearer knows that you don't wear sandals; you've got to have your thongs.’
    • ‘It felt just like when she was a girl in her flannie PJs from Nanna.’
    • ‘Watching a series can be done without leaving the comfort of one's home, or even one's flannie pyjamas.’
    • ‘Back in the 1980s it was a land of ugg boots and flannies.’
    • ‘"We will be walking in blue and black flannies and be carrying roses," Monica said.’
    • ‘Dressed in a flannie shirt, T-shirt and jeans, he eats as we chat.’
    • ‘He was a big, shambolic man who gets around in wrinkled flannies and a baseball cap.’