Meaning of flapdoodle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflapduːd(ə)l/


informal US
  • 1mass noun Nonsense.

    • ‘four hundred pages of mystical flapdoodle’
    • ‘Commentary has pretty much adopted him as their science guy, and he has published a steady stream of flapdoodle in their pages over the last decade.’
    • ‘For years, nitwits have been churning out flapdoodle like Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun and connect-the-dots management guides purporting to apply the wisdom of Machiavelli to the modern boardroom.’
    • ‘It looks like typical, classic, psychic flapdoodle to me.’
    • ‘The latest piece of flapdoodle concerns Downing Street's plans to dock child benefit from the parents of tearaway children.’
    • ‘They are not swallowing in toto the old flapdoodle in the way that the preachers want them to do.’
    balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, guff, blather, blether
  • 2A foolish person.

    • ‘When she heard what happened, she sighed, shook her curly-haired head and said of Learner, ‘What a flapdoodle!’’


Mid 19th century an arbitrary formation.