Meaning of flash card in English:

flash card

Pronunciation /ˈflaʃ kɑːd/

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  • A card containing a small amount of information, held up for pupils to see, as an aid to learning.

    ‘many students may think of foreign language lessons as a dreary procession of grammar drills, flash cards, and indecipherable textbooks’
    • ‘The flashcards are all word cards, and a huge bunch they are.’
    • ‘A set of flashcards that were made from photocopies of the cards from the two decks were used as well.’
    • ‘Well, I'd start by putting away the flashcards.’
    • ‘Although this lacks the lively graphics of the BBC site, it uses a simple and fast-loading form of presentation to teach simple German through the use of flashcards, games and word searches.’
    • ‘The classes here are fun to teach but very poorly resourced, based largely around boring textbooks and flashcards, with most classes being about 3 hours a week.’
    • ‘The handmade flashcards were not helping my nephew Clayton.’
    • ‘Witnesses used flashcards with the words written out instead of saying them in court.’
    • ‘I know it's a bit complicated for him - maybe you could use the flashcards with him to explain.’
    • ‘I'll order her textbooks for next year, but for now we'll probably just use your old books and flashcards.’
    • ‘They asked 109 children (boys and girls) to identify creatures depicted on a series of 20 flashcards.’
    • ‘Create flashcards - put topics or questions on the front and answers on the back.’
    • ‘We have various learning toys and aids in our home and there are many lessons taking place each day (at home and away) but I have never drilled him on facts or even used flashcards.’
    • ‘He smiled gently, putting the flashcards into a pocket.’
    • ‘In a French lesson for six children aged 10 and 11, the assistant head used pictorial flashcards to keep the children amused.’
    • ‘If you are writing the numbers down, you can make flashcards.’
    • ‘I saw a few juniors I knew sitting on a few brick steps on the side of the school building as they quizzed each other with flashcards.’
    • ‘Some people have thousands of flashcards organized alphabetically by topic.’
    • ‘Chloe put her books away after studying and making flashcards for the final.’
    • ‘They themselves may not have much in attention spans either, but flashcards are still only entertaining for so long.’
    • ‘Rance took out a cardboard flashcard and shoved it stubbornly at the two month old Alex's face.’