Meaning of flash in the pan in English:

flash in the pan


  • A thing or person whose sudden but brief success is not repeated or repeatable.

    ‘our start to the season was just a flash in the pan’
    • ‘And his form so far this season has proved that his success last year was no flash in the pan.’
    • ‘It is not a flash in the pan but something that's been maintained over a long period.’
    • ‘Organising a music festival in India and battling the Indian bureaucracy was not exactly an easy affair for this group, but they seem confident about making this more than just a flash in the pan.’
    • ‘‘A lot of those bands are going to be a flash in the pan,’ he says.’
    • ‘Experts believe the upsurge in racing throughout the county is more than a flash in the pan, with attendance figures increasing at larger and smaller meetings in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Although it was just a flash in the pan, the goodwill involved in setting up such a festival is still commented upon favourably by scholars today.’
    • ‘A year ago I would have written the band off as a flash in the pan, but now I'm thinking that they've got what it takes to stick around for a while longer.’
    • ‘Are they a flash in the pan, though, or are they here to stay?’
    • ‘The conference speech confirmed that he wasn't a flash in the pan.’
    • ‘Perhaps this is just another flash in the pan but I think it is significant.’


    With allusion to priming of a firearm, the flash arising from an explosion of gunpowder within the lock.