Meaning of flash photography in English:

flash photography

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mass noun
  • Photography involving the use of a camera attachment that produces a brief very bright light, used in poor light.

    ‘flash photography is not permitted’
    • ‘They were early adherents of the exclusive use of flash photography for portraiture.’
    • ‘At the interval, an announcement came not to use flash photography.’
    • ‘The light used for flash photography will flash briefly whenever an alert occurs.’
    • ‘There will be no flash photography or video lighting allowed during the performance.’
    • ‘Apparently it is an offence to use flash photography anywhere on the Underground.’
    • ‘Few people know that he suffered from a major epileptic fit, caused from flash photography.’
    • ‘The smart money is now buying number plate protectors that become opaque with flash photography!’
    • ‘The audience gave this a much warmer reception than the opening piece, with lots of flash photography taking place at the end.’
    • ‘It is often noticed in photographs where flash photography has been used.’
    • ‘Flash photography has entered a new age with the digital technology.’