Meaning of flash photolysis in English:

flash photolysis


mass nounChemistry
  • The use of a very intense flash of light to bring about decomposition or dissociation in a heated gas, usually as a means of generating and studying short-lived molecules.

    ‘The photochemistry of ninhydrin in benzene and water was studied by laser flash photolysis and electron paramagnetic resonance.’
    • ‘Both these mechanisms were studied by laser flash photolysis, which was used to monitor the formation of any reactive products upon excitation of aloe emodin.’
    • ‘The authors used emission spectroscopy, laser flash photolysis and pulse radiolysis to measure a series of photophysical parameters of curcumin.’
    • ‘Relaxation experiments such as flash photolysis and temperature jump experiments are excellent for measuring dynamics on the microsecond timescale if the dynamics of interest can be synchronized.’
    • ‘One alternative approach is to use caged compounds, which can generate an active compound from a biologically inactive precursor by flash photolysis.’