Meaning of flat-bottomed in English:


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  • (chiefly of a boat or container) having a flat base.

    ‘these flat-bottomed barges were once used by local merchants’
    • ‘A few years ago, he was collecting ducks, little flat-bottomed multicolored wooden ducks.’
    • ‘The boats are flat-bottomed with a rudder at either end to allow easy manoeuvrability in shallow water.’
    • ‘Bicycles in Amsterdam nearly outnumber people, and God knows how many flat-bottomed houseboats line the canals.’
    • ‘The tube was placed in a distillation device, and a flat-bottomed flask was used to collect the distilled nicotine solution.’
    • ‘The cups are large and flat-bottomed, mounted on a foot about two inches high.’
    • ‘It has since evolved into a round, flat-bottomed pan which exposes the entire base to the heat.’
    • ‘Wash in a flat-bottomed tray containing water, with a dash of liquid dish soap added.’
    • ‘The packaging forms a flat-bottomed, straight-walled round package.’
    • ‘We needed a flat-bottomed extinguisher in the computer room to keep the door open when we're transferring tapes from one room to the other.’
    • ‘The root segments were combined and transferred to a flat-bottomed polystyrene tube.’