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  • 1A person who believes that the earth is flat.

    ‘he is a flat-earther and climate-change denier’
    • ‘I think it's akin to being a flat-earther or believing in creationism.’
    • ‘This bloke is a flat-earther and climate change denier.’
    • ‘The leading flat-Earther theory holds that Earth is a disc with the Arctic Circle in the center.’
    • ‘Next time you meet a flat-earther, please challenge them to go to the edge of the planet and return with a photo as proof.’
    • ‘The musician is a self-proclaimed flat-earther and believes he can raise the necessary funds to send satellites into space to prove he's right.’
    • ‘Climate change deniers are, I think, similar to flat-earthers.’
    • ‘You don't talk about the spherical earth with NASA and then say let's give equal time to the flat-earthers.’
    • ‘At least a couple of celebrity figures have come out as a flat-earthers, perhaps the vanguard of an anti-round earth movement.’
    • ‘Earth's curve is a big contention for flat-Earthers, who argue that if the earth was round, the "curve" would be more visible.’
    • ‘Flat-Earthers believe all photo evidence of the Earth as round has been doctored.’
    1. 1.1informal A person who holds outdated or disproven beliefs.
      • ‘they push ridiculous policy and look like flat-earthers to the rest of the world’
      • ‘I'm not saying sabremetrics are incorrect; I guess in some people's opinion I'm a flat-earther.’
      • ‘ If you are blind to what scientists have observed and recorded then you deserve to be called a flat-earther.’
      • ‘You might as well be a flat-earther for how unscientific your beliefs are.’
      • ‘Enjoy your world where what you are taught is true and anyone questioning it is just wrong, a flat-earther, and full of nonsense.’
      • ‘ He is a bit of a flat-earther.’
      • ‘If you think that her view is hurting public education or restricting opportunity for all students, then you are a flat-Earther.’
      • ‘Climate change flat-earthers like him simply refuse to acknowledge arguments against their position.’
      • ‘Only flat-earthers and hopeless romantics think injuries are the main reason he has played poorly for more than a year.’
      • ‘The flat-earther science deniers seem to be making their voices heard regularly and loudly.’
      • ‘ The illogical and purely emotional positions of these shrill flat-earthers are now interfering with real medical and psychological research.’