Significado de flat-footedness en en Inglés



See flat-footed

‘But long straight stretches still felt like flying, and taking off the skates still brought that old sensation of disappointment and flat-footedness.’
  • ‘But the more complex sense she leaves probably derives less from her strength or arrogance than from her flat-footedness - her interpersonal naïveté or incompetence.’
  • ‘Interestingly, while a sign of atavism, flat-footedness was also considered a result of ‘modern’, urban living and its unhealthy and disabling influences.’
  • ‘Well there's a good business in orthotics to fix flat-footedness, but it seems that it's pretty much an evidence-free zone, even down to how it should be diagnosed.’
  • ‘We get used to violence; we get used to political deceit and flat-footedness.’