Meaning of flat-four in English:



  • (of an engine) having four horizontal cylinders, two on each side of the crankshaft.

    ‘The low centre of gravity coming from the horizontal installation of the flat-four engine plays its part here, even though the suspension is markedly softer than that of the saloon.’
    • ‘Porsche's revolutionary chassis enclosed an air-cooled, flat-four engine that had originally been designed in 1912 to power World War I fighter planes.’
    • ‘Here is a car maker ploughing its own proud furrow which it plants with flat-four engines, frameless door windows and four-wheel drive to make an intriguing if unconventional cocktail.’
    • ‘Thanks to the car's lowmounted, flat-four engine, the frontal aspect is nicely aerodynamic and this contributes to the car's impressive overall silence.’
    • ‘Four-wheel drive and the musical throb of a flat-four engine give great personality.’


  • A flat-four engine.

    • ‘Turning the key brings that distinctive sound of a flat-four but it never becomes obtrusive and even when revved hard, it stays as smooth as a sewing machine.’