Meaning of flat-topped in English:



  • Having a level upper surface.

    ‘it is one of the world's largest flat-topped mountains’
    • ‘On his head was a low, flat-topped straw hat.’
    • ‘The spot was marked with a stone—a large flat-topped boulder, in which a cross is engraved.’
    • ‘By 1951, the first three flat-topped modern chalets had been completed.’
    • ‘His first great innovation was the flat-topped trunk, designed for easy stacking in a ship's hold.’
    • ‘Most carved stones are flat-topped outcrops of the local millstone grit.’
    • ‘He likens them to the flat-topped Mayan pyramids of Central America, unlike the pointed tops of the Egyptian pyramids.’
    • ‘This is a sparsely branched, spreading, at times almost flat-topped shrub or small tree.’
    • ‘The stones projected out of a low flat-topped platform that surrounded the setting.’
    • ‘The Fleet Center is that low, flat-topped building immediately to the right of the bridge.’
    • ‘Climbing Mount Dundas, a flat-topped mesa that juts out into the bay, is a frequent summer ritual.’