Meaning of flat cap in English:

flat cap

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  • A soft hat with a low, flat crown and a peak.

    ‘he sometimes wears a tweed flat cap’
    • ‘She said a member of the door staff at the venue told her she couldn't wear the flat cap inside.’
    • ‘Both will be in 1950s togs with flat caps, no doubt.’
    • ‘She noticed a flat cap floating near the house.’
    • ‘De Niro in a flat cap, playing the man of property, is funny without falling over the furniture.’
    • ‘The flat cap was a feature of British life through most of he last century.’
    • ‘Flat caps are selling for up to £50.’
    • ‘I don't think that people really wore flat caps to go to work in my hometown during my lifetime.’
    • ‘Alongside a colourful display of elegant ladies hats, perched more traditional Yorkshire headwear—old-fashioned flat caps.’
    • ‘They are wearing the working uniform of the day: collarless white shirt, waistcoat, and the inevitable flat cap and huge moustache.’
    • ‘He kept his hair under an old flat cap and smoked a pipe as we negotiated costs.’