Meaning of flat rate in English:

flat rate

Pronunciation /ˌflat ˈreɪt/

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  • 1A charge or level of payment that is the same in all cases.

    ‘clients are charged a flat rate of £250 annually’
    • ‘the flat-rate state pension’
    • ‘The campaigners reckon the Treasury should replace a tax on the weight of tobacco with a flat-rate charge per cigar.’
    • ‘Different flat-rate payment schemes would also operate between land in ‘severely disadvantaged areas’ and all other land.’
    • ‘At best, phone companies will be able to charge a flat-rate fee for service; at worst they will have to give voice calls away.’
    • ‘There could be a flat-rate government payment to women in the workforce, which employers could top up.’
    • ‘Environmentalists prefer flat-rate payments per area of land cultivated to reduce incentives to increase production.’
    • ‘Thanks to competition you can now buy and sell US shares for a flat-rate charge of just £15.’
    • ‘The principle of charging virtually every adult a flat-rate charge was bitterly opposed.’
    • ‘It aims to hold tuition fees at their current flat-rate level of £1,125 a year, preventing universities from charging varying amounts for courses, which rebels claim would create a two-tier system.’
    • ‘Accessible cabs need to be booked in advance and charge expensive flat-rate fares (though city hall is taking a look into this inequity now).’
    • ‘The cheapest way is to transfer the shares into an online broking account, many of which offer flat-rate charges of around £10 a deal.’
    • ‘Greece seems to be the latest convert, and is expected to announce a switch to a flat-rate system.’
    • ‘Backbench critics have proposed a £2,500 flat-rate fee, in place of the variable charge.’
    • ‘This entitles you to travel on most (though not quite all) buses running in York at a flat-rate fee of 37p for a single journey.’
    • ‘In Wales and Northern Ireland, you will get a flat-rate contribution of £100 a week towards your nursing care.’
    • ‘Mr Evans said the flat-rate fee was just a ‘one off’ and the normal charges would resume after the holiday.’
    • ‘Better options are the flat-rate services, like digital subscriber lines, satellite internet connections, or cable modems.’
    • ‘Businesses pay a flat-rate premium of $19 a year, unchanged since 1991, for each covered employee or pensioner.’
    • ‘We are quickly headed toward a flat-rate communications world whether mobile operators like it or not.’
    • ‘Doyle said, however, that she could not mandate flat-rate internet packages.’
    • ‘Things that might help include the introduction of broadband digital subscriber lines and flat-rate internet access.’
    1. 1.1A rate of taxation that is not progressive, but remains at the same proportion on all amounts.
      ‘a tax levied at a flat rate of 7.65 per cent’
      • ‘Income arising to a non-resident employee is subject to Portuguese withholding tax at a flat rate of 25 per cent.’
      • ‘Now, rumours have begun to fly that he may commit himself to a reform of the federal tax system, including the possible introduction of a flat rate of income tax.’