Meaning of flatboat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflatbəʊt/


  • A boat with a flat bottom for transport in shallow water.

    ‘Cajun boaters invented a flatboat called the bateau, to pass through shallow swamps.’
    • ‘By mid-century the rivers were thick with flatboats and keelboats.’
    • ‘Steamboat passengers were appalled at the wan, shivering families along the river, occasionally seen living on flatboats as they waited for flood waters to recede.’
    • ‘Once the kiln cooled, usually after two or three days, the finished ware was loaded onto flatboats or wagons and shipped to distributors and merchants often several hundred miles away.’
    • ‘Abraham Lincoln, as a hired hand on a flatboat in 1831, ran aground on a trip down the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘While traveling west with his family on a flatboat in 1817, he noticed through the cracks in the deck the arm of a child who was drowning beneath the raft.’
    • ‘Before the advent of the steamboat in 1818, it could take as long as a year for a flatboat to travel from New Orleans to Nashville.’
    • ‘So he turned his flatboat around and headed home to call his lawyer.’
    • ‘At the same time, she saved the lives of a number of soldiers who were crossing in a flatboat that sank while she and her children were in it.’
    • ‘Washington had spent all week rowing through his neighborhood in a scavenged flatboat.’
    • ‘Nuttall then headed east to St. Louis with some fur traders and continued on to New Orleans by flatboat.’
    • ‘He made plans to make the weeklong journey by flatboat down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh to Marietta, in Washington County, Ohio.’
    • ‘The distinctive flat-bottomed boats once used to transport the wine are still moored in the river, though today, more prosaically, the wine is brought down by road in stainless - steel tankers.’
    • ‘We're not talking sea-going yacht or racing catamaran here, just a simple flat-bottomed boat to get a closer look at the reef and marine life.’
    • ‘Next day I join a flat-bottomed boat that cruises the Yellow Waters wetlands.’
    • ‘There is a channel from east to west, which was built by the Vikings so that they could drag their flat-bottomed boats over the island instead of sailing around.’
    • ‘Pilot a flat-bottomed boat down the Fall River, famous for its 18-inch rainbows.’
    • ‘With a flat-bottomed boat you should be able to surf as well sideways (called a grind) as you do frontwards or backwards.’
    • ‘It was a flat-bottomed boat, wreathed in mist from a small overnight storm.’
    • ‘By nine o'clock we were floating on the river in a small, flat-bottomed boat with a small motor.’