Meaning of flatfoot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflatfʊt/

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mass noun
  • 1

    (also flat feet)
    A condition in which the foot has an arch that is lower than usual.
    Also called pes planus

    ‘various surgical techniques are used to correct adult-acquired flatfoot’
    • ‘he had a severe case of flat feet and complained of back problems’
    • ‘The tendon has become dysfunctional and the foot has developed acquired flatfoot, but the deformity is passively correctable.’
    • ‘You may experience pain on your inner ankle and gradually lose the inner arch on the bottom of your foot, leading to flatfoot.’
    • ‘In some children who are born with flatfeet, the arch never fully develops.’
    • ‘This procedure also is effective for managing other diabetes-related foot problems, such as adult-onset flatfoot.’
    • ‘Adult-acquired flatfoot is prevalent in older, overweight women.’
    • ‘The Navy did not want him either, saying he had flat feet.’
    • ‘For some people, flat feet are relatively painless.’
    • ‘The fact is that many anatomical problems cannot be fixed, whether it's poor turnout or flat feet.’
    • ‘If you have flat feet, choose shoes with arch supports.’
    • ‘A painful flatfoot can be a sign of a congenital abnormality or an injury to the muscles and tendons of the foot.’
  • 2informal, dated A police officer.

    • ‘FBI flatfoots and Mafia goons’
    • ‘It does not require a platoon of flatfoots to make discreet inquiries.’
    • ‘My faith in the London flatfeet still flickers.’
    • ‘A couple of days later, he summoned Toronto flatfeet to lay assault charges.’
    • ‘The cops investigating the ‘love killer’ aren't the hard-bitten, cynical flatfoots one expects in a noir.’
    • ‘It's illegal, of course, but Benny keeps it in operation by greasing the palms of the local flatfoots, a maneuver which takes no small amount of dexterity.’
    • ‘The flatfoot takes Fred's side, since Fred looks like a big shot, though Fred only wants to smooth things over.’
    • ‘Hill security flatfeet first mildly suggested he should take his stash elsewhere.’
    • ‘Finally, she escaped and went to a friend's place, from which she called Toronto flatfeet.’
    police officer, policeman, policewoman, PC, WPC, officer of the law, detective, DC