Meaning of flax basket in English:

flax basket


  • A hand basket woven from flax, especially as a traditional Maori artefact.

    ‘schools should be teaching kids more than just how to weave flax baskets’
    • ‘The design consists of a bronze representation of the handles of a flax basket.’
    • ‘They signify the long-standing relationship between the two nations in a representation of a traditional Maori flax basket.’
    • ‘The arches represent the handles of a Maori kete (a flax basket), and symbolise the sharing of war and the benefits of peace.’
    • ‘Some Maori words have been Anglicized to such an extent that they no longer look like Maori words: a kit is a flax basket (in Maori, kete).’
    • ‘Both of them carried a big flax basket of ferns.’
    • ‘He commented on Maori eating customs when he sent a flax basket to his cousin in France.’
    • ‘The precious sketches and notebooks that he kept in a flax basket fell into his campfire and were burned.’
    • ‘The flax basket was commenced at the bottom and finished at the rim.’
    • ‘Just as she was about to place the floppy flower into her flax basket she was disturbed by thunderous pounding on the ground.’
    • ‘By the prophet's side was a flax basket containing some potatoes and pork.’