Meaning of flax roots in English:

flax roots

plural noun

New Zealand
  • Ordinary Maori people in society or an organization.

    ‘there is a gap to bridge between tribal elites and the flax roots of Maoridom’
    • ‘these solutions have come from the people, at the flax roots level’
    • ‘Her return to Meridian is a return to flax roots.’
    • ‘I wonder how this is going to go down at the flaxroots.’
    • ‘The community's vision reflected a "flaxroots middle ground" which accepted more intensive housing and reasonable growth.’
    • ‘It gives New Zealanders the opportunity to participate in flax-roots community action using innovative technology.’
    • ‘There was a lack of interest in flax-roots Maori from some Maori leaders.’
    • ‘He is keen to "big up" his pro-worker credentials after facing so much criticism from the Tainui flaxroots.’
    • ‘They will bring wellbeing to the flaxroots communities of Northland.’
    • ‘The statement was so moving and so special to me because it came from the flaxroots of New Zealand.’
    • ‘The flaxroots local community would be constantly and actively involved in making the key decisions about the allocation of resources.’
    • ‘He changed his mind because of pressure from the flax-roots within his electorate.’


1960s from flax + root, on the model of grassroots, alluding to the importance of flax in Maori culture.