Meaning of flaxen-haired in English:



  • Having pale yellow hair.

    ‘a flaxen-haired girl’
    • ‘Among the children was a flaxen-haired boy about three years old who had fallen on the stove recently.’
    • ‘In 243 games for Liverpool the flaxen-haired one failed to trouble the scoreboard operatives once.’
    • ‘Nearer shore, body boarders shrieked as flaxen-haired children played touch rugby or threw frisbees in the soft rays of a setting sun.’
    • ‘Stringy, flaxen-haired Clarence had eyes the pale blue of caustic soda.’
    • ‘The original Alice was a flaxen-haired innocent in a whimsical world of Mad Hatters, mock turtles and Cheshire Cats.’
    • ‘An innocent flaxen-haired virgin cradles the dying deity in her arms, but as the mother of future generations of mankind, she represents hope.’
    • ‘A few months ago the flaxen-haired South American wouldn't have been able to hit the Great Pyramid of Cheops with a beach-ball at point-blank-range.’
    • ‘The flaxen-haired dog-lover from Donegal has applied for planning permission to build on a piece of land at Forquar, near Milford.’
    • ‘The flaxen-haired stranger shook his head as he tipped water out of his leather boots,’
    • ‘The middle branch pictured their three children and their children's spouses, captured in the golden glow of youth, and along the bottom ran a line of grandchildren, eight or nine of them, all flaxen-haired and pink and plump.’
    • ‘The heavy-cheeked landlord was there and his flaxen-haired wife, the two men from the stables, a chambermaid, and two or three villagers.’
    • ‘Every time I see flaxen-haired parents holding a baby with almond-shaped eyes in their arms I can't help but wonder about the person he or she will grow up to be.’
    • ‘It is this last which adds insult to injury: Freda is flaxen-haired, pop-eyed, hare-brained and a pest.’
    • ‘He stares back at me, azure-eyed and flaxen-haired, from my reflection ghosting the meagre aircraft window.’
    • ‘The dismissal adds another controversial chapter to the political career of the colourful flaxen-haired MP, which began in 2000 when he succeeded Michael Heseltine in the safe Tory seat of Henley Upon Thames.’
    • ‘Finally the duo exit, one flaxen-haired and casual, one brunet and swathed in low-rider cargos.’
    • ‘Two others, one a short, dark youngster, and the other a flaxen-haired, reddish-complexioned young man, stood leaning side by side against the slate sink.’
    blond, blonde, yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, tow-coloured, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde