Meaning of flea-bitten in English:



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  • 1Bitten by or infested with fleas.

    ‘‘Oscar's far too old for rabbiting’ said George sharply, eyeing the flea-bitten beagle snoring in the corner of the room with distaste.’
    • ‘A flea-bitten dog with an enormous tick in its head greets us.’
    • ‘A flea-bitten rug dominates the floor (anything flea-bitten always manages to dominate) and the sacking lies folded on her ragged mattress.’
    • ‘I began to see films in Paris movie houses, many of them quite literally flea-bitten.’
    • ‘An army of dirty children ran passed me, trying to chase a flea-bitten dog.’
    1. 1.1Shabby, dilapidated, or disreputable.
      ‘a flea-bitten Miami Beach hotel’
      • ‘We had in fact been walking in totally the wrong direction to get to our cheap but flea-bitten hotel.’
      • ‘He dreamed of flea-bitten hotels and ballrooms, but he awoke with the smell of cigars in his nostrils, the scent of organized outrage.’
      • ‘We ended up walking the streets with our suitcases and had to spend the night in a flea-bitten youth hostel, with lots of old men and young lads.’
      • ‘It will be flea-bitten inn rooms all the way then.’
      • ‘We spent the next half an hour trying each place up the road until we came to the flea-bitten looking bed & breakfast at the end of the road.’
      dirty, filthy, mucky, grimy, muddy, grubby, shabby, messy, soiled, stained, smeared, smeary, scummy, slimy, sticky, sooty, dusty, unclean, foul, squalid, flea-bitten, slummy