Meaning of flea bite in English:

flea bite

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  • 1A small red mark on the skin caused by the bite of a flea.

    ‘About six days after suffering the infected flea bite, the victim develops a blackish pustule at the point of the bite.’
    • ‘The poor thing is allergic to flea bites, and has the most awful scabs around his back legs and tail area.’
    • ‘She had been locked away with a convicted murderer, and she had emerged with head lice and flea bites.’
    • ‘To relieve itching, and to help heal flea bites and skin inflammation, consider giving your pet an herbal skin and coat rinse.’
    • ‘I thought this might be a reaction to the antibiotics I had him on to heal sores from the original flea bites.’
    1. 1.1A very minor insignificant inconvenience or cost.
      • ‘the proposed energy tax amounted to little more than a flea bite’
      very small sum, pittance, trifle, trifling sum, drop in the ocean, insignificant sum, derisory sum, paltry sum
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