Meaning of flea circus in English:

flea circus



  • A novelty show of performing fleas.

    ‘This should at least encourage anyone who intends to film a drama based on a flea circus.’
    • ‘If the thought of a flea circus does not give you itchy feet and you like the sound of static wild birds and displays of Furness bees, a summer fair and car boot sale featuring all these is being held in Haverthwaite on Sunday, June 19.’
    • ‘I also have seen a chicken bowler, a porpoise bowler, and had the unique experience of seeing trained fleas in a flea circus pushing tiny ‘bowling balls’ the size of a period mark.’
    • ‘There's even a flea circus (yes, trained fleas) and a strong man booth (swing the hammer ring the bell, get the prize).’
    • ‘Maria Fernanda Cardoso is the ring mistress of a flea circus that offers audiences some novel and some very traditional ways of considering the wonders of nature.’