Meaning of flea powder in English:

flea powder


mass noun
  • A powdered insecticide used to kill or deter fleas.

    ‘treating pets with flea powder helps control the spread of infected fleas’
    • ‘They don't have anyone to put flea powder on them.’
    • ‘The family has decided to try flea powder to bring the insects under control.’
    • ‘Flea powders are easy to use—simply sprinkle on your dog's coat.’
    • ‘A number of years ago, before I knew better, I used a commercial flea powder made for cats.’
    • ‘The dog and cat flea powders are not safe—they are too powerful and can poison your rat or mouse.’
    • ‘They told about a man who gave his cat a flea powder made from the same chemicals that were in the paint.’
    • ‘Rotenone is widely used on home-grown fruits and vegetables, on family pets (flea powders), and in lakes and rivers to kill unwanted fish.’
    • ‘After the bath, he sprinkles their fur with flea powder.’
    • ‘That should be enough to stop you from using flea powders on your dogs and cats.’
    • ‘She dusted him with flea powder and introduced him to his new living quarters.’