Meaning of fleece-picker in English:



Australian, New Zealand
  • (in sheep shearing) a worker who sorts the offcuts of wool trimmed from fleeces.

    ‘at 14 he was working as a fleece-picker’
    • ‘The fleece-picker rushes to the table and throws the fleece up into the air, parachute fashion.’
    • ‘Immediately a sheep is sheared, the fleece is removed by a fleece-picker.’
    • ‘'Always be very careful when you're talking to a woman,' he told a young fleece-picker.’
    • ‘The responsibility for looking after the clip was divided between the overseer, the classer, the fleece-pickers and the wool-rollers.’
    • ‘The fleece-picker will with his feet push down on the neck of the fleece until he is in a convenient position.’
    • ‘A table hand helps the fleece-picker to skirt and roll the fleeces.’
    • ‘There's one fleece picker to every four or five shearers.’
    • ‘The staff comprised four carpenters, seven cooks, three farm labourers, one fleece-picker, and three gardeners.’
    • ‘He'd help carry the fleeces from the shearers to the fleece-picker.’
    • ‘The fleece-picker should shake the belly wool before placing it in the basket or bale provided.’