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  • Nimble and fast on one's feet.

    ‘the fleet-footed sprinter ran full out’
    • ‘A nimble and fleet-footed attack-minded midfielder, he bagged seven goals in just 19 starts and having just turned 20 is expected to get better and better.’
    • ‘A solitary messenger, no doubt one of those accompanying the hunting party, rode up on a swift, fleet-footed grey horse.’
    • ‘He says future biomechanical studies of fossils like the recently found foot bones could determine just how fleet-footed large terror birds were.’
    • ‘Even the waiters, prim and proper and offering excellent service during the day, turn into veritable fleet-footed dancers in the evening, even dragging guests on to the floor.’
    • ‘‘We'll have to take off our packs to go any farther,’ says Matt Dalziel, my fleet-footed Aussie partner.’
    • ‘This ability to be fleet-footed in attack characterised St. Aidans game throughout and left Castlecomer playing catch-up so often in the first two quarters.’
    • ‘Burke, of course, was a fleet-footed winger, who as a teenager coming through the ranks at Kilmarnock, was hailed as one of the most promising prospects in Scottish football.’
    • ‘With her tiny frame and fleet-footed nature, she easily spun webs around opposing players as she dribbled her way through on the hunt for goals.’
    • ‘The fleet-footed youngster, who has been unlucky with injuries this season, certainly impressed Barrow with his efforts in the week.’
    • ‘If the fleet-footed doctors hadn't been on hand Zanardi would have died there and then - his heart stopped beating three times.’
    • ‘But he's looking really good now and worried even the fleet-footed Australian batsmen.’
    • ‘I don't know if you remember what he looked like, but I wouldn't describe him as being fleet-footed.’
    • ‘Rather, it is a tribute to those giants of the game who bring rugby's fleet-footed athletes to their knees with crunching tackles.’
    • ‘Certainly a drier day would have suited their fleet-footed three-quarter line.’
    • ‘The fleet-footed animal is used along with the tortoise in the Aesop fable as examples of fast and slow.’
    • ‘But the fleet-footed winger was adjudged to have stepped into touch and the try was chalked off.’
    • ‘That team was distinct from the fluid, fleet-footed one that lanced Livingston the week before.’
    nimble, agile, deft, lithe, limber, lissom, acrobatic, supple, light-footed, nimble-footed, light, light of foot, light on one's feet, spry, sprightly, lively, active